Knowta technology, at the intersection of print and digital, is turning public printing into an advertising platform and cost recovery tool for colleges and libraries. The way it works is that the company secures sponsored advertisements, which are displayed as either a digital pop-up when documents are sent to print or on digital signs near the printer stations.

While the Cuyahoga County Public Library system was the first early adopter, the company announced today that The Ohio State University has signed on for a five-year contract with an option for two, one-year extensions.

The renowned university will use Knowta in academic spaces across campus –  20 screens in the university libraries, student union and residence halls to start – to reduce printing costs for students. The immediate impact will be on Black and White printing with cost being lowered from $0.09 per page to $0.04 per page.

The print technology is a win-win for both Knowta, advertisers and colleges, universities and public libraries. In addition to providing a solution for lower printing costs, the company offers a revenue share, from the sponsored advertisements, to the institution. Clients are also able to run their own advertisements via the platform for no charge.

“There is a reciprocity that exists for everyone involved. Students get access to tailored deals or discounts and reduced printing costs, while the university reduces their printing expense and advertisers get direct access to one of the most valuable and sought after demographics,” said Anthony Stedillie, CEO of Knowta.

Stedillie goes on to say, “This revenue sharing, between Knowta and the university, is what drives the cost of printing down for students and what helps fill in for budget cuts within libraries.”

Implementing Knowta’s solution is hassle free for the client due to Knowta managing all the hardware, software and securing all of the sponsored advertisements. The key selling point for advertisers is the direct, unparalleled access to college students as they print and library patrons when they checkout.

The company is looking to the future with plans to have 100 screens installed across The Ohio State University campus by the end of the year.

About Knowta

Knowta provides technology at the intersection of print and digital to help support our society’s most valued public institutions, universities and libraries. We created the first custom Out-of-Home ad network that turns public printing into an advertising platform. This provides advertisers with unparalleled access to college students as they print and library patrons when they checkout. By delivering valuable deals and sharing the ad revenue with both institutions, we simultaneously maximize consumer engagement rates and reduce print costs and support programming.

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