Take your consumer product from idea to concept to shelf, attend Knowledge Now: The Napkin to Shelf Blueprint at LaunchHouse on March 10. Keynote speakers include Afif Ghannoum, author of The Napkin to Shelf Blueprint, Eric Paul Rose, Product Innovation and Management Consultant and law partners from Kohrman, Jackson & Krantz.

Here are seven reason why you should attend Knowledge Now:


1. Learn from the experts

This quarterly, half-day conference is designed to bring together industry experts to educate entrepreneurs and small business owners on the “how-to” steps for successful consumer products.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Ghannoum and Mr. Rose to LaunchHouse,” said Todd Goldstein, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of LaunchHouse. “This is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to receive access to such high caliber expertise. Both, Afif and Eric offer valuable perspectives on the different aspects of launching and growing a consumer product company.”

(Bios courtesy of the speakers)
Afif Ghannoum is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Oasis Ventures, LLC, which has introduced a number of products to the Over the Counter market at some of the nation’s largest retailers. While Afif is an attorney by background, he also has experience in fundraising, branding, marketing and sales. In addition, Afif has spearheaded Oasis Ventures’ capital raising efforts and has personally worked with some of the largest national retailers to bring products to market in over 20,000 stores that have generated millions in sales.

One of the products Oasis brought to market, Halo, was named the 2012 Best New Cough/Cold Product, as voted on by over 100 of the largest retailers. In addition to being the co-inventor of Halo, Afif created both the brand name Halo, as well as its tag line Protection from the Air You Share. Halo has been featured in numerous media outlets, including ABC, Good Housekeeping, Prevention Magazine and Reader’s Digest.

Eric P. Rose, NPDP, MBA is a product innovation and management consultant who provides entrepreneurs and established companies with the expertise to move new products from opportunity into marketplace reality. Eric has more than 30 years of experience in product innovation, product development, manufacturing, commercialization and project management.

Eric has more than 30 years’ experience in product innovation, product development, manufacturing, commercialization, and project management. He has worked in the consumer, medical, and industrial product industries with companies ranging from startups through Fortune 500s.

2. Essential topics for success

Topics include:
Turning Ideas into Consumer Products;
Product Liability, IP and Trademarks;

The process of launching any business, especially a consumer product, can be complicated. There are so many things to think about – Branding, packaging, legalities, fundraising, distribution and logistics (just to name a few). The topics being covered are not all, but what some consider the most important when turning that idea on a napkin in to a real, scalable, sustainable business. Speakers aim to help answer, “What do I do next?” or “Have I thought of everything for my company?”.

3. Fast-paced, interactive presentations

While many similar conferences are lecture-based, we encourage interaction and questions throughout to allow for attendees to share stories, listen and learn from one another. This format provides attendees with clear, concise information for accelerated learning and retention.

4. Small, tuned-in crowd + better networking experience

When you attend a large, 100+, conference, it seems like everyone is just looking to hand out business cards for the sake of handing out business card. You talk to so many people, oftentimes not the “right” people, that by the end of the event you missed your opportunity to make those important connections.

The crowd at Knowledge Now is a mix of entrepreneurs, startup employees and small business owners, ranging from food-based businesses to technology products. We choose to limit attendance to 50 people in order keep it a more exclusive-type of event. The small, some what limited crowd means that only those serious about the topic will attend. This allows for more valuable conversations and networking opportunities among attendees.

5. Happy Hour

Reward yourself for spending an afternoon furthering your knowledge and taking your business to the next level with some apps and a beer (or two). Following presentations, the conference culminates with a happy hour to allow for breakout sessions and one-on-one time with the presenters as well as networking among attendees. This is the time, like we said in #4, to make those meaningful, beneficial connections for your business.

6. Free eBooks

As a added bonus, all attendees will receive digital copies of the following book and guides by Afif Ghannoum:

eBook: The Napkin to Shelf Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Guide to ACTUALLY Turning Ideas into Amazing Consumer Products
eGuide: 100+ Product Name and Packaging Inspirations
eGuide: The Visual Guide to Creating a Perfect Product Name Every Time
eGuide: 50+ Bloggers that Review and Promote Products

7. Get to know LaunchHouse

LaunchHouse is a gathering place for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners, from various industries and backgrounds, to work and connect with like-minded individuals. While LaunchHouse is known as a technology focused incubator and coworking space in the Cleveland entrepreneurial community, we’re leveraging this conference to expand our reach and attract others to our awesome community. We invite attendees to take a tour of the building, mingle with our coworking members and talk with LaunchHouse staff about our offerings.

– – –

“Startups and small businesses are the backbone of economy,” said Goldstein. “Educational offerings like this enhance these companies ability to grow. It’s reaffirming to get support from individuals and firms that want to do their part to assist and educate early-stage companies.”

Again, startups and small businesses are invited to attend Knowledge Now: The Napkin to Shelf Blueprint on March 10 at LaunchHouse. Registration is free and only 50 seats are available, https://knowledgenow-napkin-to-shelf-blueprint.eventbrite.com.

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