Writing for a living is not as simple as it sounds.

But being a freelance writer can provide your life with greater freedom and harmony. Additionally, if you do it right it can improve your financial status.

Three benefits of freelance writing are that it is adaptable, enjoyable, and well-paid. Paid freelancing is a career in and of itself, and it has enabled several authors to gain

However, not all writers who desire to work for themselves have the means to do so. Writers need to be able to support themselves while they build up a portfolio and find writing jobs.

The truth about freelance writing can be unpleasant. It is a creative and liberating profession. However, several issues make being a paid freelance writer difficult when you want to make a livelihood from it. Writer’s block and low self-esteem, which can strike after any rejection or doubt, are the most prevalent and significant difficulties for those who earn a living as paid freelance writers. These are obstacles for a full-time writer.

We are all aware of how fiercely competitive any industry is. You must plan every
assignment if you want to compete in the race and give your competitors a tough fight. Additionally, you must remember the ideas that have been successful for others.

These tips will make your journey easier and help you turn your freelance work into a career.

1. Write for Startups

Startups are content-hungry, and during the past five years, content has dominated all industries. That’s why having high-quality material is crucial.

By developing your writing abilities, you can empower yourself by serving as a source of information for businesses. Without any connections, it can be challenging to acquire work as a paid freelance writer, but your enthusiasm and persuasiveness will help you identify the finest platforms and establish a portfolio of completed projects.

To stand out from the low-earning crowd, develop the art of persuasion and follow this

  • Create a powerful personal brand
  • By posting your work on several social networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn, you may demonstrate your online presence
  • Learn the fundamentals of marketing
  • Learn some SEO principles

2. Start Your Own Blog

You are ready to start blogging on your website once you have some experience writing
guest articles and at least 30 accepted guest posts. Engage and draw people to your
platform besides pitching and writing for different websites.

To establish yourself as a respected paid freelance writer, sharing your content on social
media platforms is a great technique to let people know what and how you write.

If you want to be a successful freelance writer, you must have a blog. Besides serving
as a writing portfolio, a blog can help you as a writer in many other ways.

  • A method to practice and improve your writing
  • A strategy for generating leads
  • Assist you in making money via monetization
  • Develop your reputation in your industry
  • Boost yourself-assurance as a writer
  • Have a creative outlet

Anyone looking to launch a business should develop a blog. A blog can be a platform
for your business, regardless of whether it’s a coaching, graphic design, or writing firm.

3. Pick a (Lucrative) Niche

If you’re wondering who will pay you to write, you should know that not all writing niches and services pay well. However, there are many writing specialties available that pay well.

Writers must understand that making a solid living from their writing takes time and
effort. Writing for a living requires patience.

4. Create an E-Book

Nowadays, writers have a lot more options than they did in the past due to changing technologies. There are now more platforms where individuals can show off their abilities as writers.

Because Kindle and Amazon enable authors to self-publish books, the term “authorpreneur” is now frequently used. But to earn money as a freelance writer, you must focus on your readers’ demands and have a strong understanding of your financial capabilities.

If your first book doesn’t succeed, don’t stress. You need to be patient because it can take some time.

5. Try Copywriting

As a freelance writer, you can consider creating sales letters, product descriptions, video scripts, and many other types of content. It is the writing that aims to persuade the reader to perform a particular action.

Being a copywriter who focuses on conversions is a good way to make money. Should
you want to offer your products, it will also be profitable in the long run. A high-converting sales page produces the handsome cash from copywriting assignments.

6. Network with Other Freelancers

Take the time to enlarge your network of independent writers. Talking to other content writers can help you gain more in-depth insight into the industry, but you should strive not to be too competitive while working with them.

Your entire perspective on becoming a paid freelance writer may be altered by your
assessment of a starting wage. Truly successful people will always be eager to engage
with and assist you. In addition, a paid freelance writer in your network might
recommend you to a potential client or introduce you to certain opportunities. You can
start your freelance writing business in this way.

7. Check Out Job Listing Sites

Freelancing sites, job sites, and Facebook can be useful to you. Through commercial pages, people are exploiting this social media platform to create chances. In every industry, several groups and pages encourage freelancers and offer them work. Before you locate the proper groups, look around, join, and participate in a variety of groups.

8. Tell Everyone You’re Looking for Work

Posting on your social media profiles can let folks know that you are available for work.
If you don’t let people know that you are willing to help, you won’t be able to take
advantage of good prospects.

You can also connect with other competent writers who can recommend you for tasks by posting your availability.

9. Learn Something New

The greatest method to impress clients and maintain their interest is to develop your
craft. The greatest strategy is to demonstrate to them how they can make more money
with your material.

Having a definite selling point is the most effective technique to improve content and draw more viewers, whether they decide to hire you as a paid freelance writer or just like reading your blog.

10. Know Your Ideal Client

Your ideal client recognizes the value of creating an inbound marketing plan using blogs
and high-quality content, they are related to a topic you are interested in, and they are willing to pay you. You must be aware of your worth and associate with clients who share this awareness if you want to succeed as a paid freelance writer.

11. Join Writers’ Directories

Pay attention to freelance writing directories if you’re a beginner who wants to become a freelance writer. Being part of a directory makes you visible to people who are looking to hire or work with writers.

Preparing to Become a Freelance Writer

Look for tools to help you develop your talents

Writing doesn’t require a lot of supplies. You won’t need much else to get started if you already have a computer. It can be worth it in the long run, though, to invest in tools and training that can make you more successful.

Enrolling in a writing course will allow you to turn this vocation into a full-time endeavor.
Choose a course that you can relate to and follow through with. You can achieve
success by making this investment, especially if you chose a class that will help you in a particular niche like tech writing, medical writing, or something similar.

Aside from investing in tools to improve your skills, it is also crucial to use software that
can help increase productivity. Each person’s writing habits are different, so make sure the program you pick suits your needs and habits.

Develop your freelance writing skills

Practice makes perfect. Even if you don’t have to be perfect to succeed as a writer, more experience is undoubtedly beneficial. Set aside time each day to write. You don’t need to write a novel every day. A simple email proposal or entertaining restaurant review can help you practice.

You can even work on reducing the time it takes you to produce a post or article, but remember that you will earn more money by producing high-quality content.

Make a schedule (and keep to it)

Writing for a living is a challenging endeavor. You must establish and follow a
schedule to keep yourself on track. This may entail working early in the morning, late at night, or on the weekends while you are still employed part- or full-time.

Even if getting up early to focus on your writing is not delightful, the long-term advantages are definitely worth the effort. Decide to create a schedule that will enable
you to achieve your objectives. The more time you can devote to writing, the faster your business will expand.

Select your topic

To start, you must choose a topic for your content. Consider the topics you may imagine yourself writing about in the future. You can, of course, change your writing niche over time, but you need to have a starting point. Choose something interesting – something you can enjoy learning and writing about.

If you look carefully enough and in the right places, you can find writing jobs no matter what your writing niche is.

Apply for freelance writing positions

Once you’ve developed your portfolio you can start applying for writing jobs. Find places that might publish your work by conducting some study in the area you have chosen. Reach out if you have a lead on a website or magazine you’d want to write for.

Share your portfolio with the editor and mention what you enjoy about their website. Include a concept that you are confident would mesh well with their themes and topics. Make editors aware of your work – the worst they can do is say no.

Keep in mind that not every pitch will be successful, and that’s okay. All you can do is
keep trying, and eventually, you’ll have success.


Becoming a well-paid freelance writer is a dream for many, but getting there takes time. You’ll need to put in the effort to advance your skills, find clients, and become good at what you do. Establishing yourself as a freelance writer won’t happen overnight.

Have the patience to take one step at a time and build your portfolio. Soon, you’ll find the clients you do want to work with.


Written by Vanessa Venugopal

Vanessa Venugopal is a passionate content writer. With four years of experience,
she mastered the art of writing in various styles and topics. She is currently
writing for Softvire Australia – the leading software eCommerce company in
Australia and Softvire New Zealand.