Coworking spaces are much more than open, collaborative office and meeting spaces filled entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners. Its a community. A community that can help businesses, of any type or any size, thrive. To showcase this inclusivity, coworking spaces offer a Community Membership to engage mid-sized companies, corporations, colleges, universities, just to name a few. There are several ways that these companies and institutions can benefit from the amenities and perks that coworking offers.

1. Community

Talk to anyone that has worked out of a coworking space or knows someone that has, they will immediately say that the biggest benefit is the community. Coworking spaces attract a melting pot of professionals, who can act as a sounding board to share new ideas and challenges. Because of shared experience, members offer advice or make connections to resources, services, customers and partners. A different point of view or network is all it takes to revitalize and grow a business.

2. Business + employee development

To be an expert or thought leader in an industry, you must always be learning. At LaunchHouse, that’s why we believe that educational programs and networking events are the cornerstones for professional development and business growth. Attending events is a free to low-cost way to further your business expertise and stay up-to-date on current and emerging industry trends. For example, in July, LaunchHouse hosted Lunch + Learn: Google Adwords and SEO Basics with True Digital Communications. LaunchHouse also offers exclusive member-only events ranging from one-on-one sessions with vetted industry experts to fun, unique group activities.

3. Recruitment pipeline

Hiring? Employers can leverage the coworking community to promote an open position or have direct access to vetted, experienced applicants. Diverse community equals diverse talent pool.

4. Conference + meeting space

A new setting could boost focus, creativity, and productivity of your meeting. Coworking spaces, like LaunchHouse offer one-of-a-kind spaces that can accommodate various-sized groups. For example, our two small conference rooms (4-8 people) and large workshop room (40 people) are perfect for private meetings or workshops, while our two collaborative, flex spaces (25-50 people) are best for after hours events.

5. Improved company culture/environment

Break down the cubicles! Coworking empowers employers and employees through innovative workspaces and increased responsibility, flexibility and autonomy. Certain aspect of coworking and community can be inspiration to improve your own culture and workspace, and are easily implemented.

6. Discounts + services

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Discounts on products and services are a perk that can have a significant impact on keeping profits up and employees happy. For example, LaunchHouse members and community members, have access to discounts ranging from printing and presentation services to top, name-brand products.

7. Support entrepreneurship

Perhaps you’re simply interested in helping grow startups and small businesses. Great! The best way to get involved and support our entrepreneurial community is to offer your time or services.

Additional benefits of a Community Membership, which is $15/month or $150/year (a $30 savings!) include:

One day pass per month (9am-5pm)

Logo on display at LaunchHouse

Subscription to weekly member email with community updates and events

So how do you get started?

Come for coffee, lunch or a beer (let’s be honest, we can’t be all work and no play) and ask for an LH team member how you can sign up. This is a great, informal way to learn more about the types of people, companies and amenities that make up a coworking space. Plus, we love making new friends!

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