Starting a Startup sounds like a modern and cool idea. Uninformed people often think that StartUp is a simple and efficient business model, which doesn‘t give many headaches.

However, not everything is so simple. The organization is often the weakest link. Due to inexperience or insufficient knowledge of the market, many employees are either unmotivated or fail to focus and complete the job on time.

Such situations are common during the beginner’s phase of a startup, but many can harm productivity and jeopardize future business.

If you have such problems and you arent sure in which direction to go to maintain your business and grow, we bring you a few suggestions of what Startup can change and increase productivity.

Work On Communication

To create successful communication with employees – you must first get to know them. You need to see what their level of knowledge is and what personalities are like.

This is especially difficult if your employees are beginners and their professional focus has not yet been sharpened. Don’t be strict with them because that could have the opposite effect. Not everyone is capable of working under pressure, and for a long time, no one is. 

Neil Taparia, entrepreneur and owner of Mahjong Challenge emphasizes talking to your employees and organizing the startup so that everyone knows exactly their part of the task and by when it must be completed. 

Divide work routine into shifts and make sure all communication channels, be it email, apps, or a regular phone call, work flawlessly. Determine the time of the break and rest that you will adhere to because the organization and the coordination plan are in vain if no one adheres to it.

Customize Your Workspace

You have provided all the necessary equipment so that the business would not suffer because of the basic things, but that is not all. It is important that equipment works and that in the event of a breakdown or simply a bug, do not panic and to know-how and where to look for a solution.

Make the space as pleasant as possible. Quality ventilation and as much natural light as possible have been proven to affect productivity. If you have the means, let your startup’s office be a room with lots of windows that can be opened. Take care of the room temperature, which, depending on the weather, must always be moderate. 

Also, colors are a very powerful trigger of stress or contribute to calming. Depending on the concept of the startup and the size of the space at your disposal, play with the colors of the walls. Green and blue rest the eyes and mind, while stronger colors like red inspire action. 

Consult an interior designer who can help with colors. Don’t forget cleanliness and tidiness as well as freshwater.

Good, quality chairs also help a lot to make workers less tired and endure the working day without back and neck pain. A functional equipment layout is also important for this.

However, do not overdo it so that you do not want to make the space more pleasant and create a distraction from work.

Do not hesitate to decorate the workspace with funny and motivating posters. Motivation and respect are key because remember, only a satisfied worker is a good worker.

Pay Attention to Working Hours

No matter how well you organize the team, divide the work tasks and anticipate all possible mistakes, there is always the possibility for unexpected and problematic situations.

Murphy’s Law wouldn’t be him if he didn’t show up when you least need him. Eight hours then seems like five minutes. That is why time management is the basis of a business organization. They do not say in vain that time is money. To avoid panic when unforeseen situations happen, but also otherwise, you can do the following steps:

  • Divide complicated projects into smaller tasks and limit the completion time for each task. Use all available business practices, applications and create tables with task schedules. So over time, you will also track the percentage increase in productivity of workers and the entire team.
  • Reduce meetings, because, in essence, meetings and endless briefings are often counterproductive. A much better solution is to make a monthly or weekly meeting plan depending on the project. Employees will not feel confused and you will not waste much time.
  • You make regular technological updates. It’s very simple. Old and bad equipment creates problems, if so – get rid of it and get a new one. As expensive as it is, it is often much more expensive to repair the old one. Also, don’t forget to update the software you use regularly.

Such things can significantly reduce employee motivation and productivity and take up significant time unnecessarily.

Don’t Skimp on Education

Lack of productivity is sometimes a symptom of overworked employees or insufficient knowledge. If your startup has just started, you have fewer clients, this may not be so terrible, but as you grow, it can become a problem.

Instead of hiring new workers, it may be a better idea to pay them for quality education in the area you need. Think long-term and try to guess in which direction your startup story might spread.

This will give you time to update employee knowledge. Considering that today everything is digital, it is possible to follow very high-quality education online. This is very good because, on days when you have less work, workers could follow the education from the office.

This way you will save, and you will most likely motivate the workers as well. It is much simpler than hiring a new professional, who would need time to adapt to the new work environment. You would save money and at the same time get a highly motivated and productive expert.


Most startups are related to digital technologies. This means that often, regardless of productivity and quality of equipment, something can fail. 

It is important not to panic because panic will rarely bring a solution. There is always the opportunity to talk to clients about extending the deadline.

Although it seems more complicated, in the long run, it is much better and more profitable to invest in communication and knowledge of employees, than to constantly change them as soon as they don’t know something.

Listen to the advice we’ve given. Make changes and start recording incredible productivity growth.