LaunchHouse and the Shaker Heights Development Corporation (SHDC) are proud to announce Thomas F. Zenty III, Chief Executive Officer of University Hospitals as honoree at its annual fundraiser, the LaunchHouse Bootstrap Bash. The Bootstrap Bash, a celebration of entrepreneurship, on Saturday, January 23 at LaunchHouse will raise money to support LaunchHouse and the SHDC in making entrepreneurial programs and educational opportunities more accessible to Cleveland-area entrepreneurs and small businesses.

As lead sponsor of the event, University Hospitals is partnering with LaunchHouse to enhance the support network for the greater entrepreneurial community. For more than four years, University Hospitals has contributed to LaunchHouse’s success and its ability to provide continued education, mentorship and resources.

The University Hospitals mission, To Heal. To Teach. To Discover. goes hand in hand with fostering entrepreneurship. According to Thomas F. Zenty III, “The essence of entrepreneurship is the ability to find opportunity in the middle of the chaos of change and challenge. Our [University Hospitals] success depends on going beyond conventional ways of thinking and operating. It depends on looking at our environment creatively and spotting hidden solutions, just as entrepreneurs do.”

The synergies between LaunchHouse and University Hospitals extend beyond their emphasis on discovery, innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset. At the core of both organizations is a focus on economic development, job creation and retaining top talent.

“We are honoring Tom and University Hospitals because of their continued support of LaunchHouse and their strong roots in this city community,” said Todd Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer of LaunchHouse. “Because of the longstanding support from University Hospitals, it has allowed us to continue providing world-class support and educational offerings to entrepreneurs and small businesses, which then translates into the success and advancement of our region.”

University Hospitals continued support in LaunchHouse stems from a shared vision for promoting growth and redevelopment for the City of Shaker Heights and for the Greater Cleveland area.

“LaunchHouse came along at a critical time to ignite imaginations and inspire the rebirth of an entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Mr. Zenty. “It gave entrepreneurs the low-cost workplaces they needed to launch their startups and share ideas and advice.”

He goes on to state that LaunchHouse shows our community what is possible, and showcases Shaker Heights as a model for how municipalities can rebrand themselves by supporting entrepreneurship.

As the largest employer in Shaker Heights, University Hospitals is also a major contributor to that model and community vision.

“University Hospitals is the largest employer in Shaker but more importantly they are a great community partner,” said Nick Fedor, Executive Director of the Shaker Heights Development Corporation. “We are proud to honor Mr. Zenty at this year’s Bootstrap Bash and look forward to continuing to build a mutually beneficial relationship with UH and their employees that propels the city forward” Fedor said.

Again, the LaunchHouse Bootstrap Bash is Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 6:30pm-midnight at LaunchHouse and will include open bar, strolling dinner, raffle and more. Ticket packages start at $125/person and can be purchased at

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