So, you’ve set your mind on finding a coworking space. But how do you decide which space to use?

There are so many things to take into consideration when choosing a coworking space and it can be hard to know where to start.

Start Online

Start by searching by location. Long commutes are no fun, so you’ll probably want to look for coworking spaces within a certain radius of where you live or would like to live. Now is a good time to see how long the commute is and if there is adequate parking or good access to public transportation too.

Check out the surrounding area, too. Look for downtown locations if you want to head to dinner or a happy hour after work. If you’d rather do some shopping

Then you can start looking at memberships. How often do you want to be in the coworking space? Would you have 24hr access to the space or would you only be able to go in during office hours? Do you need a business mailbox? Would you prefer flexible seating or a dedicated desk, or do you need a private office? These are all important things to consider and they will affect your budget moving forward.

That means it’s time to look at pricing and contracts. Prices will vary depending on the coworking space’s location, how nice and new it is, and what amenities are offered. At some places, you’ll pay monthly and have no contract. Other spaces will require you to sign a contract for anywhere from a few months to a year.

Then you can look at what amenities are offered. Mail handling, printing, and kitchenettes with free snacks are all popular options. Some coworking spaces will have free unlimited printing but some will make you pay after a certain point. Likewise, some spaces include free meeting room rentals, but others don’t so make sure you know the details.

Look at event calendars, too. Coworking spaces prioritize community and will organize events to facilitate that. Events range from purely social events like happy hours to educational workshops or volunteering and service events.

Arrange a Tour

Once you’ve found a few online that suit your needs, you can book a tour. Tours allow you to get a better idea of the coworking space, and it gives the space a chance to show off and pitch itself.

While you’re touring, look at how the space is arranged and decorated. The decor can easily sway your opinions of a space, but be sure to consider the layout of the seating areas. Are there quiet areas and more social areas? Is there both desk seating and lounge seating? What areas do you think you’ll use most?

Finally, and most importantly, what is the community like at each coworking space? Do they have a friendly, open community? You should find a coworking community that you like and feel like you will fit in with. After all, the community is one of the main draws of coworking.

Make Your Decision

You have to find something that balances your wants, your needs, and your budget, but ultimately you are the only one who can decide which coworking space is best for you or your business.