Written by Marybeth Stucker | Director of Membership + Operations

Can you believe it’s been one year since LaunchHouse moved to Alpha Park in Highland Heights?  I recall the months leading up to the move being filled with anxiety, stress, and challenges.  These feelings seem to surround many of life’s big changes, don’t they?

Yet twelve months later, I look back at our move as a change that had an incredibly positive impact on the LaunchHouse community.  

Our very small staff was overwhelmed by the amount of work and cost associated with moving out of our 27,000 square foot space. So, our community pulled together to help us.  Their patience and flexibility during times of uncertainty helped ease my stress.  When I let our community members know that we would need to close for a week during the move, not only was everyone okay with this, but they offered to help.  Dozens of members and friends showed up on a hot Saturday afternoon and helped us clean, pack, and load furniture into a U-haul.  One member even volunteered to patch holes in the wall and paint.

Challenging times can bring people together, and the challenge of moving on such short notice certainly brought our people together.

After the move, I noticed positive changes at LaunchHouse.  The move forced us to declare who we are as a community… a community of individuals who believe in building their dreams, and helping others build theirs along the way.  We no longer have members who just come to LaunchHouse for a desk, the conference room, or the copier.  They come here to engage with and learn from one another while developing their businesses.

Plus, thanks to the more comfortable open coworking space, members began talking to each other more.  It has been easier for brand new members to join the tribe and build relationships.  These relationships now extend beyond the walls of LaunchHouse.  Many have been to one of Alexis’s standup comedy shows.  A few went to see Jim play with his jazz band.  Some babysit and dogsit for one another.  The cultural shift that happened after the move helped our members become more than just “co-workers,” but friends.

Our unanticipated move to Highland Heights threatened the survival of our business, yet ultimately strengthened it.  It clarified what I already believed to be true: coworking is not about a space.  It’s all about the people.  It’s about surrounding yourself with positive, smart people who will help you up during the tough times, and join you in celebrating your successes.  Today, I am grateful and surrounded by a community of awesome individuals who share this mindset at LaunchHouse.

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