The coworking space market was gaining traction steadily over the last decade as more companies were looking for a more cost-effective, modern way of working. However, the unprecedented nature of the pandemic changed the landscape of work. Working from home became a household term. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic still at the forefront of thought, many corporations or SMEs are considering their options for a more financially stable future. As a result, they are moving from traditional office spaces to an evolved, flexible idea of work. Some of the frequently used terms to describe the new manner of work are flexible, hybrid, and decentralised. Coworking spaces are an excellent alternative to traditional office spaces. The short term lease allows companies to become flexible, hybrid or decentralised. Finding the perfect coworking space to operate from is imperative for a smooth transition, increased productivity, inspiration, innovation, and collaboration. Read on for tips to find the perfect coworking space.


Find a well-connected coworking space. When choosing a workplace, access to work, distance from home, and ease of commuting are critical factors considered. A google search of the location will reveal all the information needed to determine the ideal spot – metro station, train station, bus stops, cab services etc. There are over a thousand coworking spaces in cities across India. By 2025, a report by JLL expects to see the coworking space market increase to over 50 million sq ft. Those looking for a coworking space in chennai cities will easily find a convenient location. Another factor to consider is the distance and time for clients to travel. Coworking spaces at a prime location may be more expensive, but they may provide the best connectivity. Take into consideration all of these factors to find the perfect coworking space.  

Multiple Locations

It may be beneficial to find coworking spaces with multiple locations depending on how widespread your employees live and the model of work that the company is adopting. These coworking spaces are usually well connected with features that will be the same at each location. Teams of people can work at the site that is closest to them. Time spent travelling will be reduced and, in turn, can increase productivity. A quick conversation with the coworking space manager or even a peruse through their website should provide more insight.

Cost-Sensitive Membership Plans

Coworking spaces are cost-effective. It is why many freelancers and small business entrepreneurs choose coworking spaces. Whether you are a freelancer, small to medium-sized business owner or a corporate, coworking spaces have membership plans that should suit your needs. For instance, many corporates look for managed coworking spaces while smaller companies or individuals prefer hot desks, fixed desks, cabins or even just conference rooms. Costs vary from hot desks to managed coworking spaces. Once you have narrowed down coworking spaces based on location, research the best price customised to your needs. 


It may seem an obvious choice, but it is important to note how the membership plans meet flexibility needs. When we think of flexibility, it is more than mobility within the coworking space. Coworking spaces offer a range of options concerning flexible business hours. For example, a few coworking spaces are open round the clock and some even on days off, allowing people to work according to their convenience or peak productivity. According to your needs or company policies for work time and deliverables, open conversations with the managers at the narrowed down list of coworking spaces to determine the perfect workspace.  


Coworking spaces cover a large number of amenities. However, some may not have what you need for your company. Do not forget to make a list of amenities that you may require. Parking and valet services, printing and scanning, charging units, power backups, WiFi, security and cafeteria or kitchen are a few examples of what coworking spaces offer. Research the coworking spaces that have the best, most convenient amenities. Visit the coworking spaces on your list for a tour of their amenities. 

Company Culture Should Align with Coworking Space

It might not be on top of your list of essentials to consider when looking for a coworking space, but it is vital to ensure that where you work and how you work aligns with the coworking space community. In addition, you want to look for a workspace that inspires and motivates. Coworking spaces are also collaborative. Take a tour of the coworking spaces to find the perfect match and then assess the other people or companies working there to discover a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Make a list of your priorities and figure out what compromises you want to make. Always visit the coworking spaces and schedule a tour and a meeting with the manager. Significant and comprehensive research will add value to your investment. Follow these smart tips to find the perfect coworking space.

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