Social media is a powerful tool.

This statement grows truer each day as people around the globe become more and more reliant on social media for communication, education, entertainment, and more.

Aside from social media’s growing popularity, it’s a great platform for creating connections with prospective customers and your audience. You are equipped with tools to showcase your expertise, services, and credibility, along with nurturing relationships between client and company. Social media is an ideal platform to increase customer loyalty and widen your reach to local and global customers.

Small business owners, organizations, and entrepreneurs understand the power social media holds. Here are five ways social media plays a role in attracting customers and expanding your online market.

1. Allows Connections

Connections are vital if you want your potential clients to trust your brand and stay loyal to it. The goal of making connections is to build loyalty and spread awareness. Through social media, you are available to your customers 24/7 to respond to comments and answer questions. Being available for your customers as much as possible allows you to build trust with them. They realize that you prioritize customer loyalty and provide the best experience to potential consumers. You can even share fun anecdotes about what happens behind the scenes in your business. This way, they can view you as another human capable of making connections rather than just a brand.

2. Shows Authenticity

Customers aren’t impressed with corporate-style posts because they appear robotic and monotonous. They want authenticity. You can achieve this through engaging with your followers and their posts. Invent a brand voice or personality that appeals to the masses.

TikTok is a popular platform for video marketing right now, so you can experiment with your brand voice there. Be warned that some creators buy TikTok views, which can boost your video in the short-term, but will eventually get you banned from the platform due to suspicious activity. 

3. Encourages Engagement

Creating a presence on social media is important because it yields the most engagement. Real-life marketing cannot bring in as many direct interactions as you would get on an attractive social media post. The best part about this is that engagement multiplies. One person commenting on a post encourages another to do the same, and the cycle continues. You can reach a wider audience, and the chances of finding potential customers substantially increase.

4. Fosters Growth

There is a lot of space for growth in social media marketing. You cannot ignore the opportunities and need to grab every chance you get for development. Remember that through social media, you have to maintain a moderate amount of marketing and entertainment. This is because if you’re too sales-driven on a platform for entertainment, your audience will get bored.

Advertising campaigns can use up a large budget which many small businesses cannot afford. However, through social media, you can minimize the costs and mainly invest in graphic designers to create good graphics.

5. Builds Brand Awareness

If you are a small business, a lot of people do not know of your brand. To put yourself on the map, you first need exposure. The best and most popular way to do that is to create a social media account. Social media has no borders, so you build your presence and expand your reach. Even if your company is based in the US, you can easily create content that attracts audiences in other countries. Build an attractive and compelling introduction, and make your profile look authentic and captivating.

You can even pay for social ads to further help spread your reach. Try doing this by targeting local ad campaigns on media platforms to spread awareness about your brand.

Remember to keep tabs on the type of media your target demographic consumes so you can work on producing relevant content.

In conclusion

Creating connections is the most vital goal of your brand because you will need a strong relationship with your customers to ensure that your business thrives. Remember that making connections also helps prove to your audience that your brand is authentic. They trust that your priority is customer satisfaction and can see the human side of a brand.

Plus, the most engagement any brand will ever get will always be through social media due to the internet’s ability to access further reach. Social media ensures easy growth more attainable than investing in campaigns, especially for smaller businesses. Social media also helps smaller companies to be known throughout a huge demographic and build brand awareness.