Benefits of Coworking

According to All Work, there are over 35,000 coworking spaces in the world and that number is only expected to grow over the next few years. All statistics point to the fact that coworking spaces are here to stay. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are choosing these spaces as opposed to a regular office building or home office. So, what makes coworking spaces like Launchhouse so attractive to the millions of people that use them? Well, there are several benefits of coworking so let’s break it down.

Networking Opportunities

Networking not only gives your business more exposure but allows you, as an entrepreneur, to learn from other professionals. You’ll meet people that excel where you may not, who can help guide you through the troubles of owning a business. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to make those connections when working remotely. 

Through professional development and networking events you’re given the chance to break out of your comfort zone. This gives you a chance to build important professional relationships. 

Cost Efficiency

There are several cost variants to note when building your home office or renting an office space. Your coworking membership comes with everything you need to successfully run and grow your business for a fraction of what it would cost to establish a brand new office. 

Memberships often come with perks. Some of these perks may include free coffee and snacks, high speed wireless internet some meeting rooms among other perks that are all included at a set monthly price. 

Most coworking spaces also offer private office memberships as well. This allows you to have your own space while still receiving all of those amenities.  These office spaces are often month to month as well so no need to get yourself into a long term lease. 

Increased Productivity 

By ditching all the distractions of an ‘at home office’ like television or kids; you’re better able to devote your precious time and attention solely on your business. You’re giving yourself a designated work space that allows you to forget about your home duties and focus on your work.

In addition, the open floor plans and communal areas allow you to take a break from the strains of work and brainstorm with fellow members over a cup of coffee. Who knows you might even come up with your next big idea!

By surrounding yourself and collaborating with goal driven entrepreneurs, you’re not only going to learn from them but you’re also going to push yourself to emulate their ambition.


The pandemic has definitely shown how important it is to be flexible as a business owner. There are always circumstances outside of your control that can affect your future business decisions. 

Locking in to even just a year long lease might not be the best option for business owners. Most coworking spaces offer month to month options so whether you need to grow into a bigger space, downsize or even cancel, you can adjust your membership with no consequences. 

Why is Launchhouse a good fit for you?

Launchhouse began in 2008 and has since grown to service over 180 small businesses in the Cleveland area. Whether you are seeking a business mailbox or an office, Launchhouse has memberships to fit all needs and budgets.

With month to month payment plans, you never have to feel locked in to your membership. Our members can expect 24/7 access, unlimited printing, unlimited conference room usage, a professional mailing address, complimentary snacks and coffee, free parking, friendly staff to greet and your guests upon entry.

One of the most important aspects of a coworking space is the people you share it with. You’re getting more than just an office space with your Launchhouse membership. You’re gaining a diverse community of successful entrepreneurs to learn from and grow with.

Through monthly lunch & learns, happy hours, business panel discussions, and day to day common areas, Launchhouse provides ample opportunities for you to collaborate with other members and make connections.

Not sure if Launchhouse is the right fit for you? No worries, try us free for 7 days! Stop by the front desk anytime Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. Let us know you’re looking for a week pass and check out the benefits of coworking for yourself.