TikTok has grown their userbase exponentially in the last few years, but its algorithm makes reaching new consumers hit-or-miss.

Ads are an easier way to get new eyes on your content.

TikTok, which provides a variety of specialized content and different communities, is a platform that may help brands more effectively communicate with their intended audience by allowing them to search for keywords and hashtags.

High-resolution ads at the top of your page get people’s attention and make sure your message gets through. In-feed ads are more compact and fit better with users’ viewing experience. Connecting with these ads is more accessible; you can like, comment, share, or even follow them. Customers can connect with brands directly and build relationships that lead to trust with these ad forms.

In this blog, you will learn some instructions on using TikTok to help you advertise your company and expand your following on the widely popular social media platform that gained popularity.

What is TikTok for Business?

TikTok for Business is a comprehensive platform that provides advertising services on TikTok. On it, marketers are directed to create commercials, establish budgets, target the right demographic, and analyze data campaigns.

The platform aims to provide a creative outlet for integrating digital businesses. It will teach you how to make video ads that people will want to watch and participate in, ultimately helping you boost your brand’s profile.

Additionally, TikTok is a recently established platform that prioritizes expanding its user base rather than actively pursuing monetization strategies. Hence, marketers must concentrate their TikTok marketing strategy on content generation and achieving the highest possible reach within a specific timeframe.


5 Formats for Creating Advertisements on TikTok

Marketers have five options for ad formats on the Advertisements Manager platform, which helps them create these advertisements.

Top View Ads

Top View Ads serve as the flagship offering for TikTok for Business. These video advertisements are shown once daily when a user opens the application. The advertisements may have a maximum duration of 60 seconds when the audio is enabled. The extended length of Top View Ads surpasses the typical runtime of regular videos, making them well-suited for promoting items that need more substantial attention spans, such as movie trailers.

In-Feed Ads

On the For You page, users may see In-Feed advertising. The Feed is the page that automatically shows up when users open the app and it is the main way users discover content. The content shown on the For You tab is hand-picked by TikTok’s algorithm to appeal to users’ interests, considering their surfing history.

Displayed in user feeds for a single day, in-feed advertisements may range from five to fifteen seconds. Advertisers may increase conversions via in-feed adverts by integrating calls to action (CTAs) within the videos.

Hashtag Challenges 

With hashtag challenges, marketers may make unique challenges and encourage the TikTok community to make content centered on them. Unlike other social media sites, this ad structure gives brands exclusive hashtag usage. There is a six-day duration for hashtag challenges.

If done well, they are great for businesses looking to increase their TikTok user-generated content and go viral.

Brand Takeovers

TikTok brand takeovers captivate users by presenting a full-screen, dynamic display that creates a strong visual impression for your business. Advertisers can use a static picture, GIF, or a brief 3 – 5-second video for the advertisement. You can include a hyperlink inside the advertisement, directing readers to your website.

Branded Effects

Branded effects enable marketers to include 2D, 3D, or AR effects in their TikTok videos, showcasing pictures of their products. Brands can produce stickers featuring their products or logo or develop customized filters that TikTokers may use in their own videos. These effects enhance user involvement and amplify brand recognition.


Why is TikTok Advertising Important for Businesses?

When there are already so many advertising platforms, why should businesses expand to another one?

Introduces you to Gen-Z

Most of Gen-Z is on TikTok, and there are many Millenials and older users, too. Consequently, the platform offers an ideal opportunity for your business to engage with this significant demographic lightheartedly and authentically.

According to research, many TikTok users immediately click through and consider purchasing an item after seeing it on the app. They’re looking for companies that make exciting product videos.

It’s affordable compared to other platforms

In the realm of advertising platforms, TikTok is quickly displacing its rivals. It stands out from the competitors and is a more practical and inexpensive alternative since you may tailor your spending plan.

On top of that, TikTok allows you to create budget-friendly videos that still seem professional. Since it does away with the necessity to purchase expensive editing software or professional camera equipment, it emphasizes the raw, unprocessed character of recordings created with mobile devices.

It helps build authenticity

TikTok distinguishes itself from other platforms by actively promoting “authentic” content that deeply connects with its users.

For quite some time, even the most well-known video publishing sites have been infested with false views, causing users to doubt the information they encounter on these platforms. As part of its design, TikTok generates content organically, and whenever practical, it encourages user-generated content via its challenge concept.

The genuineness of companies that adopt the TikTok culture leads to a higher level of confidence and reliance. By creating advertising that is authentic and approachable, you increase the likelihood of captivating your audience emotionally.

It makes it easy to target specific audiences

With the many different formats available for TikTok advertisements, you may attract a large audience to your page. Users engage in more conversation on TikTok compared to Instagram.

Most ads on TikTok are either Top View or In-Feed. For digital marketers, these are both great ways to get to the site visitors they want to reach. They make your page stand out, ensuring your message gets across.

In-feed ads are more likely to blend in with the page as users scroll. Besides clicking on these ads, users can also interact with them in other ways, like by liking, sharing, or simply following them. With these ad forms, people can connect with businesses directly and establish relationships that result in trust.

It helps you boost sales

TikTok offers businesses a unique chance to cultivate client connections and foster loyalty. Users on the app are more prone to establishing an emotional connection with companies they encounter than on other social media platforms. Personal emotional connections increase sales and establish trustworthy connections between customers and brands.

It increases conversion rates

The platform’s popularity can be attributed to the creative and relatable content that attracts users. TikTok is an effective marketing instrument that can assist small businesses in expanding their reach to a broader demographic and boosting their conversion rate.

It enables you to visually and captivatingly display your items and services, which may immediately capture the customers’ attention. Then, you can motivate people to engage in actions such as registering, exploring, and more.

Things to Remember When Creating TikTok Videos

Keep it Concise

TikTok viewers have a short attention span. Therefore, your advertisement must showcase your product within the first 15 seconds, since individuals are more inclined to stop viewing after that.

Your videos should be lmore than 15 seconds long, though. You just need to hook them in the first few seconds to get users to watch the rest of the video.

Use creative visuals

It is crucial to use visually captivating elements due to the platform’s emphasis on videos to ensure your advertisements on TikTok stand out. It might include using vibrant colors or humorous animations. Regardless of the approach you use to create your video, ensure that it is captivating. Boring advertisements will be ignored.

Use popular songs

Sound is a crucial component of every TikTok video. Select a song or a meme that is well-recognized on the platform and fits your brand’s advertising. Selecting outdated or unfamiliar music is likely to put off viewers.

Avoid being too salesy

Users of TikTok don’t respond to an ad that feels like a traditional advertisement. Make sure your ad is entertaining and amusing without being too promotional.


With TikTok’s growing prominence in e-commerce, you have a great chance to promote your business and keep viewers engaged. Its unrivaled platform is perfect for enhancing marketing efforts since it lets you express yourself clearly and showcase your message. If you want to remain ahead of the competition, you shouldn’t wait any longer to take advantage of TikTok Ads.

Start harnessing the potential of TikTok if you’re prepared to reach new audiences and increase the brand’s exposure. Go for the local branding techniques and get the hang of attracting followers and making them purchase your products or services.


AUTHOR BIO: Jennysis Lajom is an IT graduate, and a former chemist. Her passion for digital marketing led her to a career in graphic design, editing, and social media marketing. She is also one of the resident SEO writers from Softvire, a leading IT  distributor. Follow her at Softvire Online Software Store now!