Did you miss our February Lunch + Learn, “Choosing and Making the Most out of Events?” Don’t sweat it- we’ve got your recap right here!

On Wednesday, we eagerly welcomed Mike Belsito back to LaunchHouse to share his tips on how to choose and make the most out of events and conferences.  If you don’t know Mike already, he is a startup product and business developer who “loves creating something from nothing.”  He is the co-founder of Product Collective which organizes INDUSTRY, a conference in the midwest for people that build, launch, and scale world class products.  Mike’s past experiences attending and exhibiting at events, as well as organizing INDUSTRY, allowed him to pass along practical knowledge and advice at the Lunch & Learn.  

What to look for in events to attend

In a world with hundreds of events to choose from, how do you pick which ones to invest your time and money in?  Attending events that your customers will be is a great opportunity to develop relationships and gain insight into what your customers want.  You should consider events that your competitors will attend.  If your competitors are there, your customers probably are too!  It’s also important to attend events where other people that do what you do will be at.  It’s a way to learn from your peers and establish connections within your industry.

How attending events can be beneficial

There are several reasons attending events can be helpful.  Building real relationships, in person, with other people is a big one.  “You might talk to customers every day… but how often do you get to know them as real people.”  Through speaking with your customers, be it at the event, or at a more informal happy hour afterward, you can gain valuable, actionable customer insights.  Additionally, conferences are a great way to pick up tips & tricks, gather “intel” from your competitors, and, of course, get leads for sales.  

What to do AFTER attending an event

What you do after attending an event is just as important as choosing one and going!  Be sure to follow up with any new contacts that you made.  Add new connections on LinkedIn.  Mike even suggests following relevant people you meet on Twitter– it’s an easy way to keep your pulse on things going on within your industry.  It’s also important to recap your experience so that you can share your knowledge with your cofounders– or your boss.  

No matter what, Mike encouraged everyone to “have a game plan” before you go to an event.  Decide why you are going, what you want out of it, and what you’ll do during and afterward.  This will allow you to get the most return on your investment (of both time, and money) when attending events.

A highlight of this Lunch + Learn was the discussion that took place at the end.  Attendees appreciated tips and tricks shared by Mike and fellow entrepreneurs in the audience.  We encourage you to register today for our next event, Lunch & Learn: Emotional Intelligence so that you can participate!

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