Coworking spaces are first and foremost a shared office space.

They are a place to go when you want an office for your new business or when you’ve got cabin fever from your work-from-home job. They provide the space – you just come in and work.

Coworking spaces offer so much more than just offices and workspace, though.

Common Coworking Amenities

Coworking spaces offer many amenities to add value to their standard memberships. While each space is different, most have certain standard amenities.

Good Wi-Fi

High-speed internet is the number one staple of coworking spaces. Everyone depends on it to check emails, join video calls, work on shared documents, and more. There are very few jobs that can be done without the internet.

Because of this, all coworking spaces make sure to have reliable internet connections. Many even have a backup server in case their primary provider goes out.

Printers, Scanners, And Copiers

Most of jobs today rely on the internet, but that doesn’t mean paper is obsolete. Printers still have a place offices and coworking spaces alike.

Some coworking spaces offer free printing, or unlimited black and white. Others charge per hundred prints or per individual print.

Scanning to digital is usually free, but that can still vary from space to space.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting or conference rooms are another coworking staple. They’re great places to hold meetings outside of your office and good quiet places to take a call if you work in the open area.

Meeting room reservation rules vary from space to space, as will fees. In some coworking spaces, you need to make a reservation, while in others you can just drop in if the room is free. Some offices include conference room bookings with your membership, while others charge an hourly fee.

Business Mailboxes

Some coworking spaces offer business mailboxes to their members. Members get an address to use that isn’t their home address, but looks more legitimate than a P.O. box.

Generally, mail will be delivered all together to the coworking space and the office staff will sort it into the individual mailboxes for members to pick up at their convenience.

Not every space offers mail, and others limit whether you can receive packages as well as envelopes.

Coffee And Snacks

So many workers need caffeine to get their day started and keep working all day. Coworking spaces often have some sort of coffee available, whether that’s a simple coffee carafe with a supply of cream and sugar or a full service cafe on-site.

Spaces will often supplement their coffee supply with free snacks, too – from granola bars to chips to fresh fruit.

Social Events

Many local coworking offices regularly hold social events to bring the community together. A variety of networking events are popular, as are just-for-fun happy hours, lunches, and more.

Sometimes the focus will be more educational than social. Spaces often host workshops and speakers series, too.


While some coworking spaces are just offices, good ones go out of their way to build a community. They encourage members to socialize outside of events and help make introductions when one member needs a service another member can provide.

In time, community members take charge of the community, seeking each other out and making their own personal and professional connections.


Coworking spaces have so much more to offer than just work space. They have all the benefits of a traditional office setting, plus a built-in professional network and more.