Meet Mette Lindgaard Seligmann, the owner of Lindgaard Facilitation. She’s a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator and uses Lego bricks to help adult open up their minds, build new ideas and see new solutions. Read on to learn more about our newest member!

What inspired you to start (or join) this company?

I was first introduced to LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in 2014. Right away I felt that it could bring something new to creative workshop facilitation. It’s a method that invites people to learn in, participate in, and utilizes the hidden knowledge that lies in all organizations.

I have worked as a strategic development consultant and workshop facilitator in Denmark for many years. I have seen LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® become increasingly popular in both public, non-profit and in the private sector in Denmark over the last few years. Including the organization, I used to work for myself. So, when I had the chance to get certified it felt like a great opportunity.

Big international companies like Novo, IKEA and of course LEGO have been using this method to involve staff, stakeholders and customers in problem-solving and product development for a long time. More and more companies and universities in the United States are beginning to use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. But in Cleveland, the method is completely new and unknown. So, I saw the opportunity to bring a creative method I like to a new market.

I have only lived in Cleveland for a year, but I like living here very much. Especially the creative atmosphere you find in many communities around the city. I feel that it is an area with potential that is ready to develop right now. I’d love to contribute by introducing a new creative way of problem-solving and positive development.    

What inspired you to join the LaunchHouse community?

I find that building your own business can get a little lonely sometimes, so I was very happy when I discovered LaunchHouse. I joined LauchHouse for inspiration, network and an occasional out of my house office experience. Most of my work is done with clients, meeting them where they work. The office work, I need to do in between, I could do from home. But sometimes it’s just really nice to meet other people who can assume the roles of the colleagues I do not have. Also, not being from Cleveland, it’s nice for me to have a back-office of people who will sometimes answer my stupid newcomer questions.

The shared facilities also attracted me to LaunchHouse. I prefer to do workshops at my client’s locations. But, if I have clients that do not have access to workshop facilities, it is nice that we can have access to workshop and meeting facilities at LauchHouse.

I look forward to becoming a more integrated member of the LaunchHouse community. I hope my experiences in workshop facilitation, communication and participation can also be of inspiration to other entrepreneurs in LaunchHouse.

Did you always have aspirations to become an entrepreneur?  Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey.

When I was I child I actually promised myself that I would never start my own business. I am the daughter of two entrepreneurs. Growing up I learned that it takes a lot of work and that it does not always pay what you deserve. So later in life when the idea of starting my own business would pop up, I would always dismiss it. Last year when my family moved to Cleveland because of my husband’s work, I had to re-evaluate my work life again. And for some reason starting my own business seemed like the most logical thing to do. I had an idea and a new location and thought, if I am ever going to try to start my own business, now is the time. 


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